Why walking on treadmill on full incline is better than running

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Why walking on treadmill on full incline is better than running
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Walking and jogging are two forms of exercise that can help maintain healthy activity levels. For people who live in areas where there are few good walking/running trails, or where the weather is poor, a treadmill can be the best option for this endeavor. Depending on how quickly you go, walking uphill on a treadmill can be as effective as jogging on a flat surface and may also reduce your risk of injury. Using a treadmill to workout instead of running or walking outside actually reduces the risk of injury to the knees and hips because increasing the treadmill’s incline increases the intensity level without increasing stress on the body’s joints.

Calorie Comparisons

A average 80 kg person running for 20 minutes with speed 10 km/h on a flat surface will burn approximately 230 calories. By comparison, the same person walking with speed 4.5 km/h for 20 minutes, at a 15% incline will burn 260 calories. Interestingly, running speed only slightly affects calories burned, so if you are running and trying to burn more calories, running a longer distance is more important than running faster.

Benefits Of Uphill Or Incline Walking:

  • Strengthen the cardiovascular system.
  • Its a lot easy on the body, it won’t exert a lot of pressure on your joints.
  • It’s a lot easy to be followed by overweight and obese people.
  • You can walk for longer period of time.
  • It won’t make you lose your hard-earned muscle mass. Many pro bodybuilders prefer incline walking over jogging.
  • Won’t give you post-workout jitters.

Now, Let’s Discuss Some Benefits Of Running.

  • Strengthen the cardiovascular system.
  • Challenges your mental toughness and willpower.
  • Stronger body.
  • Still one of the best ways to lose a few pounds.

So what’s better now? Deciding which form of exercise is best for you ultimately depends on your body type, health and overall goals. Those who are heavier or beginning to exercise may find walking to be an easier way to start working out while building up to more intense exercise. Those with certain injuries or health conditions may also find the low-impact nature of walking more suited to their exercise needs. However, it depends on you to choose what fits you better!

Keep walking!

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